“The platform gives an excellent opportunity for youths to learn how to perform well in the stock market with the right use of financial and market information.
With analytics, I am able to eliminate the “noise” in the stock market; focusing more on the fundamentals of companies with great discipline.
Thanks to VSC, I have definitely acquired some useful skills on how to invest wisely.”
Sean Burke; Annualised returns of 10 %.

“The scorecard provided by VSC helped me a lot in terms of how I select my stocks. At the end of the programme, my portfolio actually made money by applying the right techniques and methods.
I would recommend youths to be part of the project because it helps them to gain very useful and practical knowledge about understanding the dynamics of the stock market and how to choose the right companies to invest in.”
Zhu Chenyan, Zane; Annualised returns of 21%.

“I’ve discovered that as an analyst, one should know about the company as well as the industry because all these news will somehow influence the stock price.
During the analysis of a stock, we did a review of the stock price movements. In this way, we are able to estimate the expected return as well as the average duration of cycles of the stock price.
The pattern analysis enables us to determine when we should enter the market in a disciplined and systematic manner.”
Yiyun Huang, Jessica; Annualised returns of 30%.

“After going through the programme, I’ve improved my financial literacy by leaps and bounds.
I can now read the financial statements and balance sheets very well. I’ve also learnt that investments are affected not just by scores but also market trends, trading volumes and the PE ratio – these are important indicators for purposes of making a sound investment decision.
I would recommend youths to be part of the programme because it provides them with a solid foundation for making good investment decisions – one that comes with a systematic approach of using factual data to make investment decisions rather than using gut feeling and intuition.”
Sam Ng; Annualised returns of 12%.

“Thanks to VSC, I gained a lot of financial knowledge from the programme. I find it very interesting that the scorecard actually combines financial, market and valuation indicators rapidly to rate how investible a company is.
Many people, especially those who are new to the stock markets would find this particularly useful.”
Tricia Tsui, Annualised returns of 57%.

“The programme has allowed me to explore different investment markets that I would not have normally experienced. I was able to research new industries and products, and truly form my own opinion on different markets.
The programme combined market trends, financial statements, and personal research on the company to develop a score. Going through each scorecard I learned not only what is important to look for in a company but how important each factor is.
I would recommend this programme, it is a great way to explore new stocks and markets, while testing your efforts in a low risk environment.”
Michelle Morand; Annualised returns of 28%.